Analytical technology of wine gas management using a membrane contactor

A membrane contactor favors exchanges between a liquid phase and a gas phase thanks to a water-repellent membrane with very small pores (0.05 ?m). The membrane allows a precise and efficient diffusion and elimination of gases (N2, O2 and CO2) in a liquid such as wine (SCHONENBERGER et al., 2014. Am. J. Enol. Vitic.).

Thanks to steps initiated by CHANGINS and supported by other member countries (Germany, France), the International Organization of Vine and Wine recently recognized the use of contactors in enology for the management of gases in must and in wines (OIV-OENO RESOLUTION 499-2013). This resolution would allow the upcoming authorization of this practice. However, there is only one manufacturer in the world ( that produces membranes but without approval in enology and that clog quickly and lead to a decline in gas flows.

This project will run in parallel and in collaboration with a larger project funded by the French Fond Unique Interministériel (MO2EV project, 48 months, 5 private partners, 3 academic partners and the HES-SO). The contribution of the project would involve a cotutelle of thesis and the development of new generation membrane suitable for wine. Our project aims to develop an automated system of wine gas management, adapted to enology and research and able to be coupled online to a bottling line.

It will propose:

  • The design and development of an automated prototype
  • The research for new sensors more economical and better adapted to wine
  • The implementation of a standardized index of efficiency
  • A study of the gas transfers and a demonstration of the enological interest
  • A study on clogging and cleaning methods
  • A consideration of the possibility of integrating electrodes on the membrane to measure or modify its behavior

This project, both scientific and technical, is of interest to Swiss wineries (Schenk and Provins have already indicated their interest). The possible applications are numerous and promising. Last but not least, the development of an automated machine, functionalized and less sensitive to clogging would allow expansion in different areas, such as fruit juice, brewery, soda or the treatment of fresh water or wastewater.


SCHONENBERGER P., PERNET A., DUCRUET J., MARSAN F., BACH B., PASSERAUB P., ZUFFEREY D., VORLET O., Automatization of Membrane Contactors and Applications for the Management of Dissolved Gases in Wines, 42nd World Congress of Vine and Wine, 15-19 Juillet 2019, Genève, Suisse (Proceeding)

Project managers in Changins Dr. Julien Ducruet and Dr. Benoît Bach T +41 22 363 40 44

2016 – 2019

Partners: French consortium MO2VE represented byM. Michael Paetzold, Director of Michael Paetzold company, Hepia (institute inSTI) and EIA-FR (Institute ChemTech)

Funding: HES-SO