The grape wine industry is confronted with ever increasing challenges. The ongoing climate change requires new cultivars and new production techniques; advances in modern technology call for new skills; the increasing complexity of the social and economic environment demands innovation and anticipation to satisfy rapidly changing needs.

The Viticulture and Enology Major (VE) of the Master of Science in Life Sciences (MLS) is offered as a joined diploma between the the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland HES-SO and The Vinifera EuroMaster. Students following this 120 ECTS programme will spend the first year in HES-SO. Their second year will be spent in one of Universities from the Vinifera EuroMaster Consortium.

The Major VE provides students with the tools to analyze and resolve complex problems in Viticulture and Enology, from grape to wine, from management to market, on a strategic and operational level.

Successful candidates are awarded the Graduate Degree “Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences, specialization Viticulture and Enology” based on 120 credits ECTS as well as The Vinifera EuroMaster diploma.

Objectives and major modules are available here


Contact Changins Melanie Weikert Head of the specialization Viticulture and Enology - ad interim T +41 22 363 40 50
Contact HES-SO Urban Frey Head of the Master Life Sciences T +41 58 900 00 02