Characterization and promoting of viticultural terroirs of Villette appellation

A number of 23 parcels of Chasselas was selected in the spring of 2017 in the Villette appellation area in order to study the physiological behavior of the vine and the quality of the berries during three consecutive vintages. The physiological and viticultural indicators retained on these plots, must be simple, relevant and transferable to other wine regions.

These indicators are as follows:

  • Notation of phenological stages (bud burst, flowering)
  • Characterization of the water supply (isotopic composition of C, d13C)
  • Characterization of the nitrogen supply of the foliage (N-tester) and berries (assimilable nitrogen)
  • Monitoring the ripening of the grapes (sugars, acids, pH, berry weight)
  • Characterization of vigor of pruning shoots (pruning weight)

This preliminary study aims to test a method of characterization of the different areas of the vineyard on the basis of knowledge of winemakers, historical data (collaboration with a specialist), pedological (study of viticultural terroirs Vaudois), technical and scientific (behavior of the plant) on the scale of the Villette vineyard. This study could contribute to the general debate on the forthcoming regulations on geographical indications “AOP” and “IGP” in Switzerland.


RIENTH M., SCHONENBERGER P., LAMY F., NOLL D., LORENZINI F., VIRET O., ZUFFEREY V., A fine-scale terroir zoning approach based on vine-physiology in the AOC Lavaux-region in Switzerland, 42nd World Congress of Vine and Wine, 15-19 Juillet 2019, Genève, Suisse

RIENTH, M., LAMY, F., NOLL, D., LORENZINI, F., VIRET, O., ZUFFEREY, V. 2018. An example of a vine-physiology based fine-scale terroir study in the AOC Lavaux-region in Switzerland, Proceedings of the 12th International Terroir Congress, Zaragoza Spain, 18-22 juin (peer-reviewed, link)

Project Manager Dr Markus Rienth Professor of viticulture T +41 22 363 40 61

2017 – in progress

Partner: Agroscope

Funding: Vine-growers from Villette designation