Boosting research and vocational education in the field of distilled beverages

The aim of this project is to participate in the improvement of the quality of brandies by initiating research project and by developing and opening courses for professionals and amateurs in the context of continuing education. This project was initiated in 2009 with a pilot project with the Swiss Alcohol Board. CHANGINS currently want to improve and automate distillation by developing online analysis of distillate composition (ethanol, acetaldehyde, methanol, ethyl acetate). Therefore CHANGINS has developed different analytical methods. The ongoing project should lead to a “smart” management of fermentation, distillation and maturation in iorder to help producers to improve the sanitary and organoleptic quality of their products. Finally CHANGINS frequently trains a sensory analysis panel of experts to judge the brandies and organises panels of consumers to determine preferences on a large number of people (100 to 200 questionnaires).


COELHO, C., BROTTIER, C., BEUCHET, F., ELICHIRY-ORTIZ, P., BACH, B., LAFARGE, C., TOURDOT-MARECHAL, R., 2020, Effect of ageing on lees and distillation process on fermented sugarcane molasses for the production of rum, Food Chemistry, 303, 125405 (lien)

Project manager in Changins Dr. Benoît Bach Professor of oenology T +41 22 363 40 44

2018 – in progress

Partner: Agroscope

Funding: Federal Customs Administration