Controlled manufacture of food for specified health use including valuable byproducts from industrial processes

Plant-based raw materials are sensible to spoilage. Therefore, a rapid preservation and/or transformation are needed. A preservation by chilling, storing under controlled atmosphere or freezing, is costly and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, this project is focusing on the cheaper transformation processes, drying and juicing. Goji berries are considered as a new kind of superfruit, since they are rich in beneficial bioactives. The plant raw material will be evaluated for these bioactives. Marker compounds are tracked and quantified during all drying and juicing process steps. Yields will be evaluated due to mass and energy balances. Critical process steps will be optimized for a preservation of these beneficial ingredients. The aim is not to produce functional food, since it is difficult and expensive to get a health claim accepted. The work is directed towards appropriate information of the consumer about the quality of the product.

A consumer survey was performed and the results served to develop the idea of new product. Two processes were developed: beer and extrudates production. Beer samples developed by Changins were produced and sensorial analysis and consumer tests have been performed on them. A brewery has been contacted and showed interest.

Responsable du projet à Changins Dr. Julien Ducruet T +41 22 363 40 50

2014 – 2015

Partenaires: HES-SO Valais

Financement: HES-SO et HES-SO Valais