Molecular analysis of the impact of grapevine leafroll-associated virus (GLRaV) infections on vine and berry physiology

This project is part of an existing long-term study aiming to understand the influence of the infection by different grapevine leafroll associated viruses (GLRaV) on vine physiology, to develop efficient control strategies and to create a resistant plant source.

This project will use molecular analysis (RNA sequencing and gene expression analysis) to study the effect of several GLRaV viruses on the vine physiology to better understand the damaging mechanisms of the viral particles in the host.

The experimental setting with different GLRaV infections already exists since 2010 from a pilot study in Changins and was characterized during these three last years with relatively simple physiological measurements (photosynthesis, yield, growth). Since observable phenotypical symptoms vary a lot in function of the weather and grape varieties, an analysis based strictly on physiology observations leads to limited conclusions on viral infection impact on plant metabolism. In order to acquire deeper knowledge on the physiology and host-virus interaction, the existing study will be enlarged and include molecular analysis (RNA sequencing). This methodology will lead to valued knowledge on the development and on vine-virus interactions, which will contribute to winegrower awardness, as well as to the development of control strategies and resistant or tolerant vine varieties.


RIENTH M., GHAFFARI S., REYNARD J.-S., Impact of grapevine leafroll virus infections on vine physiology and the berry transcriptome, Proceedings of 21st GiESCO International Meeting: A Multidisciplinary Vison towards Sustainable Viticulture, 23-28 juin 2019, Thessaloniki, Grèce (peer-reviewed, PDF)

RIENTH M., GHAFFARI S., REYNARD J.-S., Einfluss der Virus-induzierten Blattrollkrankheit auf die Rebenphysiologie und das Beeren-Transkriptom, 59. Arbeitstagung des Forschungsrings des Deutschen Weinbaus, 7-8 mai 2019, Bernkastel-Kues, Allemagne

Project manager in Changins Dr Markus Rienth Professor of viticulture T +41 22 363 40 61

2018 – in progress

Partner: Agroscope

Funding: Federal Office of Agriculture (FOAG)