The partners of the current research projects come from the academic and public circles, as well as from private and interprofessional organizations.

CHANGINS is above all an school of the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland) and works closely on numerous projects with other schools and institutes notably from the faculty of Engineering and Architecture and from the faculty of Economy and Services.

CHANGINS collaborates closely with Agroscope (the Swiss Confederation’s centre of excellence for agricultural research) through the establishment, since 2011, of a shared research unit (UMR). This UMR should allow to boost research collaborations between ours institutions, as well as to share infrastructures.

CHANGING is also active in scientific communication:

  • The Revue suisse de Viticulture, Arboriculture, Horticulture is published by Agroscope in collaboration with CHANGINS and Agridea with the support of Agora.
  • Since 2016, CHANGINS is member of the open access OENO-ONE journal and thus participates in the communication of research results in viticulture and enology at international level.
  • CHANGINS is a founding member of IVES (International Viticulture and Enology Society), a non-profit association founded in 2017 that aims to make the results of research in viticulture and enology freely available to researchers and professionals.

CHANGINS is also part of:

  • Swiss Food Research thematic network
  • OENOVITI consortium, an international network of institutions for academic training and research in oenology and viticulture

In order to remain a privileged research partner in the wine sector, CHANGINS constantly innovates. The aR&D department encourages any new collaboration, whether Swiss or foreign, in the form of a partnership or a mandate. Collaborations can lead to new projects or sometimes integration into ongoing projects.

Whether you have a specific project or just a vague idea, contact us and we will find the best solution.

Contact Jean-Philippe Burdet aR&D manager T +41 22 363 40 78

Type of collaborations:

  • Student projects
  • Project with public co-funding
  • Direct Mandate
  • Partnership for innovation development (Innosuisse)