CHANGINS’ vineyard and a teaching winery enable it to produce a selection of excellent wines. The students gain valuable experience by producing different types of wines

The nine wines produced each year include Sauvignon Blanc, grown at Chouilly (Geneva). It has an intense aroma, and a powerful, lively feel in the mouth

The Pas de Trois is made from a blend of Merlot grapes from Ticino, Cabernet Franc from Geneva, Syrah from Valais, and Gamaret from Vaud, yielding a well-structured, slightly woody wine that keeps several years

“Complex and balanced” sum up Solaris, which has won several awards

The Sève d’Or is made by drying Gewürztraminer grapes in small crates, followed by cryo extraction, which produces an outstandingly rich, sweet wine for every occasion

Two of the latest products are a rosé wine made from Gamaret grapes, and a new wine as part of the “Point du Jour” brand, produced by a vinification process suggested by students.  The idea of the “Point du Jour” brand is to produce a unique and original wine that varies each year based on the specific harvest conditions and the creativity and inspiration of the moment of the winery team. A bold, free approach to winemaking.

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