Crop production, quality and maturity of the products

Sustainable production and protection of the environment
  • EOVOC - Essential oil volatile organic compounds for a sustainable control of phytopathogenic fungi in agriculture
  • BiopestiSol - Bibliographic project to document the available methods to evaluate biopesticide impact on soil microorganisms
  • Air-osion - Pilot project to observe erosion in crops in order to take preventive measures
  • ChanClim - Establishment and optimisation of a monitoring network of crop emerging ennemies in the context of climate changes
  • Agrovision - Development of a monitoring tool based on high-resolution aerial imaging by an ultra-light drone for a better agricultural and envrionmental management
  • USER-PA - USability of Environmentally sound and Reliable techniques in Precision Agriculture
  • Façades végétalisées - Ecological facade covered in vegetation with a porous stand
  • OLBTO - Optimisation of the biological fight against the acarid Tetranychus urticae in tomato crop
  • Anémomètre-ELBW - Development of an anemometer usable in network in agriculture and environment
  • CHAMPEMTOMO - Evalutation of entomophagous fungi species potentially usable for the biological fight against harmful insects and acrids
  • Har-Viti - Evalutation of the risk related to population dynamic of Harmonia axyridis in conventional and biological viticulture
  • Pesteau - Treatment of phytosanitary product outflows by "biobeds"-type biological processes
  • CONFRUPEPBIO - Reduction of loss post-harvesting in preservation of pome fruits (apple, pear) from biological culture
Viticultural terroirs
  • UniTerroir - Continuation and promotion of the studies on wine terroirs realized in Switzerland: reunification of soil maps
  • Muscat - Promotion of the culture and wine-making process of Muscat in Valais
  • Terroirs vaudois - Adaptation of grape variety to the different wine terroirs in Vaud
  • Climatovigne - Climate characteristics of wine terroirs

Wines, brandies and foodstuffs

Originality et quality of products
  • Qualfood - Controlled manufacture of food for specified health use including valuable byproducts from industrial processes 
  • Prepack -Intelligent device to control internal pressure in wine bottles
  • BIB -Development of technical and innovative solutions to impove packaging and prevervation of wines and other drinks inside flexible compartments
  • OxyWine - Characterization and prognosis of the oxidative behavior of wine using chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and the colorimetric reducing power method
  • Cyclovin -Synthesis of organic polymers allowing selective elimination of taste defects in wines
Vinification techniques and innovative technologies
  • Wine C - Analytical technology of wine gas management using a membrane contactor
  • CMC - Impovement of performances and production conditions of Carboxymethycellulose for the use in enology and food
  • Disti-Matu 2 - Research dynamisation and education in the distilled beverage domain
  • InfoYeast - Development of a rapid diagnostic tool for composition and efficiency assessment of inactivated yeast products
  • Optiferm - A low-cost optical system for in-line automated fermentation control
  • A-Line - Development of a near-infrared based tool for multiparameter in-line analytical monitoring for fermented beverage production
  • AcetalDist - Automation of the fraction separation during stole fruit alcohol distillation
  • Wine Contactor - Development of new application related to gas exchange in wines through the use of membrane contactors
  • RS-Bacteriocin - Biotechnological production of antimicrobial peptides
  • WinOxyline - Online automated control of red wine micro-oxygenation
  • Demalication -Study of enology interest and development of a two-stage nano-filtration technique decreasing the malic acid concentration in musts and wines
  • GestionAutoFA -Development of a density sensor for automated control of wine fermentation
  • PedioVin - Use of Pediococcus in wine-making process
  • Gresilbox -Competence acquisition in the bacterial granulation in a fluid bed dryer
Sustainable vine and wine sector and by-products valorisation
  • Valpom+ - Value-creation from apple waste
  • Fibres - Recovery of bioactive substances from food by-products: Functionalizing nutritional fibers by mechanical transformation
  • ValuXtract - Valorization of new high added value compounds from European vine and wine production solid wastes
  • Ecowinery - Development of didactic tools for winery eco-conception
  • PHASS - Polyhydroxalkanoate from sustainable resources
  • Pile-Verte – Biofuel cell work station : A versatile sustainable energy supply
Oenological and sensory analysis
  • Sensolangue - Automation of tasting comments provided by consumers
  • ClearWine - Study of turbidity formation in white and rosé wines to improve wine-making processes
  • Minéral - Wine minerality: study and valorization of popular concept but unknown
  • Sensoval - Promotion of wine from the Mont-Blanc region for sensory data innovative valorization
  • PVR - Enological application research for red wine protein analysis
  • Réduction Chasselas - Identification of reduction types in Chasselas wines: organoleptic and analytic characterisation
  • BarCop -Analytic differeciation between wines aged in oak barrel and wines treated with oak ships: method validation, database enlargement and counterfeiting treatment
  • Grands Crus suisses et réseau Chêne - Réseau interactif de la filière suisse bois de chêne de tonnellerie pour l’élevage des vins du terroir
  • Abricotine - Development of a method to control Wallis apricot spirit authenticity

The wine-growing / winemaking economy and wine marketing

Swiss wine market observatory
  • OSMV - Observatoire suisse du marché des vins