Crop production, quality and maturity of the products

Sustainable production and protection of the environment

Biodyn - Impact of biodynamic preparations on vine and berry physiology, wine quality and vineyard biodiversity

BiopestiSol II - Effect of a biopesticide on soil microbial community: study in mesocosm

MALDIveS - High-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics and machine learning as a soil health diagnostic tool

LeafrollVirus - Molecular analysis of the impact of grapevine leafroll-associated virus (GLRaV) infections on vine and berry physiology

NoGlyphos - Alternative to glyphosate: allelopathic ecotype selection for a sustainable and ecological management of weeds in viticulture and arboriculture

Viticultural terroirs

Terroir Villette - Characterization and promoting of viticultural terroirs of Villette appellation


Wines, brandies and foodstuffs

Originality et quality of products

ECOFASS-VIN - Development, improvement and industrialisation of an innovative dispensing system for carbonated and highly-carbonated drinks, including quantification and decrease of the ecological impact of regional wine distribution

Essigsäure - Reduction of acetic acid in wine

Dynastil - Boosting research and vocational education in the field of distilled beverages

The wine-growing / winemaking economy and wine marketing

Cépages résistants - Integration of fungus resistant grape varieties in the assortment of the swiss wines