The Viticulture and Enology specialization aims to provide students with the following skills:

  • Understand and analyze geological, pedological, and climatic components of the terroir of a vineyard
  • Judge the relevance of choices and cultural techniques applied on a given vineyard in relation to environmental risks and propose solutions
  • Develop strategies of varietal selection in the long term as a function of environmental pressure and climate changes
  • Conduct and interpret a technical winery audit in order to propose improvements
  • Acquire competences for the restructuring of a company related to viticulture, enology and management
  • Acquire the fundamentals of time management, personal organization and communication
  • Understand chemistry and analysis of key wine molecules and macromolecules and their importance for winemaking techniques, wine stability, color and aroma
  • Learn innovative sensory evaluation technique
  • Explore cognitive and psychophysical aspects of perception and sensory analysis.