Publications 2017

Articles parus dans un journal à comité de lecture

CARLUER, N., LAUVERNET, C., NOLL, D. AND MUNOZ-CARPENA, R. 2017. Defining context-specific scenarios to design vegetated buffer zones that limit pesticide transfer via surface runoff. Science of the Total Environment 557 (1): 701–712 (link)

DUCRUET, J., REBENAQUE, P., DISERENS, S., KOSINSKA-CAGNAZZO, A., HERITIER, I. AND ANDLAUER, W. 2017.  Amber ale beer enriched with goji berries – The effect on bioactive compound content and sensorial properties. Food Chemistry 226 : 109-118 (link)

MONTES VIDAL, D., VON RYMON-LIPINSKI, A.-L., RAVELLA, S., GROENHAGEN, U., HERRMANN, J., ZABURANNYI, N., ZARBIN, P. H. G., VARADARAJAN, A. R., AHRENS, C. H., WEISSKOPF, L., MÜLLER, R. AND SCHULZ, S. 2017. Long-Chain Alkyl Cyanides: Unprecedented Volatile Compounds Released by Pseudomonas and Micromonospora Bacteria. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56: 1-6 (link)