The administration of the Master MLS, Specialization Viticulture and Enology, includind registration and general organization, is provided by The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

CHANGINS is responsible for the organization of the 5 specialization modules in Viticulture, Enology and Business.

Program détails

Credit program: 90 credits ECTS

Title delivered: Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences, specialization Viticulture and Enology

Program duration:
3 semesters (full time)
5 semesters (part time)

Semester duration:
Winter semester:  week 38 – week 6 (19 weeks)
Spring semester:  week 8 – week 24 (15 weeks)

Course language:
The course language is English. The Master’s thesis may be written in English or one of the official Swiss languages (French, German, and Italian) in agreement with the thesis advisor.

Registration fee:
A one-time registration fee of CHF 150.- is required

Tuition fees:
Students accepted into the Master's program will benefit from an educational subsidy reducing the tuition/administrative fees to CHF 750.- per semester.

Estimated cost of study material:
Students should budget about CHF 250.- per semester for study materials

Housing and support:
Limited housing is available on the CHANGINS campus