• Managing acetic acid level in wines

  • A container for a sustainable distribution of regional wines

  • Microbial community analysis for soil health diagnosis

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Recent publications

FROHMAN, A. C. and MIRA DE ORDUÑA HEIDINGER, R., 2018. The substratostat, an automated near-infrared spectroscopy-based variable-feed system for fed-batch fermentations of grape musts, OENO One, 52, 4, 1-11 (link)

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Types of collaborations
  • Student thesis
  • Project with public co-financing
  • Direct mandate
  • Innovation and development partnership

Head of Ra&D
Prof. Jean-Philippe Burdet
+41 22 363 40 50

Our vision

As part of its mission of High School (HE), CHANGINS | high school of viticulture and oenology leads applied research and development projects (aR&D) in close collaboration with the wine and oenology community.

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