• Managing acetic acid level in wines

  • A container for a sustainable distribution of regional wines

  • Microbial community analysis for soil health diagnosis

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Recent publications

RIENTH, M., CROVADORE, J., GHAFFARI, S., LEFORT, F., 2019, Oregano essential oil vapour prevents Plasmopara viticola infection in grapevine (Vitis vinifera) and primes plant immunity mechanisms, PLoS ONE, 14(9): e0222854 (link)

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Types of collaborations
  • Student thesis
  • Project with public co-financing
  • Direct mandate
  • Innovation and development partnership

Head of Ra&D
Prof. Jean-Philippe Burdet
+41 22 363 40 50

Our vision

As part of its mission of High School (HE), CHANGINS | high school of viticulture and oenology leads applied research and development projects (aR&D) in close collaboration with the wine and oenology community.

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